Vercelli (VC) (under construction)
Heat recovery plant from dusty and polluted gas from technological process.
Heat recovery boiler for heating of thermal oil loop (to feed a 2.2 MW electric ORC turbine) and 12 ton/h steam generation (for technological process). 12 ton/h deareator capacity and 300 m steam pipeline.

Reims (France)
Revamping of a water tube boiler for the production of superheated water. Supply of a DeNOx system SNCR type.
50 MW thermal boiler with coal furnace for the production of superheated water at 150°C

Ravenna (RA)
Heat recovery thermal plant from exhaust gas of 6 MW electric turbogas + post-firing. Water tube Heat recovery steam generator, deareator, auxiliary natural gas steam generator.
52 ton/h at 21 bar water tube heat recovery steam generator capacity. 30 ton/h at 21 bar smoke tube auxiliary natural gas steam generator capacity. 52 ton/h deareator capacity.

Corana (PV)
Biomass plant for production of industrial heat
Revamping of the existing thermal plant with implementation of a new Human Interface Software for management and regulation of the plant. Supply of new PLC and new power and regulation electrical plant

Pontecchio Marconi (BO)
5,7 MWth Heat Recovery Generator from a Thermal Oxydizer burning off-gas and liquid flow from industrial process
Water tube HRG vertical type and burner for the production of 8.600 kg/h of superheated steam at 11 bar

Trecate (NO)
4.200.000 kcal/h Hot air generator, indirect exchange type
Hot gas generator using hot air deriving from Sulphur dioxide process diluted with external, made by stainless steel in vertical shape

Klaipeda (Lithuania)
12,6 MWt Wood Thermal plant, with two-phase thermal oil with incineration of synthesis gasses used for reactors washing process.
Thermal plant with adiabatic furnace with alternative step mechanical step grate, Thermal oil recovery heat generator vertical type, comburent air pre-heater with blowing air-cleaning system.

Ragusa (RG)
Complete thermal plant for steam production from wood and vine shoots to be combine to two thermo-electrical system of 200 kWe total production
Thermo-electrical plant complete of automatized feeding fuel system, adiabatic furnace and exhaust treatment system

Torre Santa Susanna (BR)
Complete Thermal plant for steam production from pomace and marc to be combine to two thermo-electrical system of 200 kWe total production
Thermal plant complete of fuel feeding automatic system, adiabatic furnace, water tube boiler with hammer cleaning system, exhaust treatment system, ducts and accessories for steam circuits

Salerno (SA)
Electrical Hot water generator
Sizing and supply of a 560 kWth Electrical Hot water generator and circuit accessories for revamping of existing plant

Sarroch (CA)
Unfired steam generator and De-aerator
Design and supply of an 1900 kWth unfired steam generator working on 23 barg pressure and Low pressure physical de-aerator for feeding water treatment

Zelo Buon Persico (LO)
Power plant operating with poultry manure combustion. Total Electric Power of 185 kWel, supplied with "turn-key" formula
Full turn-key plant, including automatic fuel feeding system, adiabatic furnace, recovery heat generator, pollutant treatment system, steam accessories, Electricity generation system with steam micro-turbine 60 kWel and 125 kWel ORC.

Ancona (AN)
No. 2 Biomass Thermal Lines, with thermal power output of 6.8 MWt
Supply of adiabatic furnace and Thermal Oil heat generator for 1000 kW electrical and 1000 kW thermal energy production.

Casale Monferrato (AL)
Hot gas generator
Design and supply of a 700 kW hot gas generator, including burner and fan for air dilution by 15,000 Nm3 / h

Rovereto (TN)
Supply & Assembling of a Vessel GVI
Supply of indirect steam generator for 10,6 tons/h at 19 barg

Rezzato (BS)
Heat recovery thermal plant (3000 kWt) from hot gas from Clinker Cooler, producing low pressure steam and bunker oil heating
Heat recovery generator, designed for high erosive dust content, plant accessories like pumps, piping, Expansion vessel, Storage tank, Heaters and indirect steam generator

Corana (PV)
Upgrading of the plant with an adiabatic combustion chamber, complete of a high moisture sow dust burner 3000 kWt.
Sow dust storage silo and sending system of the dust to the burner. Burner, gas ducts and mix system. Ash extraction system

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