Biomass combustion

Examples of constructed biomass plants
12,6 MWth
Biomass: Wood
Boiler type: Thermal Oil
Production: Heat
6 & 3 MWth + 1 MWe
Biomass: Wood
Boiler type: Thermal Oil
Production: Heat + Electricity
1,2 MWth + 185 kWe
Biomass: Poultry (Eggs production)
Boiler type: Saturated Steam
Production: Heat + Electricity

Our Work

Energia Impianti produces from single components, up to turn-key systems for the combustion of biomass with a strong orientation towards "dirty" and "complex" fuels.
The combustion process, based on moving grate technology, is a project of Energia Impianti and can be integrated with the use of powdery substances burners or gaseous stream.
The thermal power developed by combustion can be transferred to different fluids such as: water, saturated or superheated steam, thermal oil or hot gases.
Our plants can be aimed only at producing thermal energy or even electricity production, in cogeneration or not.
Depending on the size of the plant and the specific needs of the customer, Energia Impianti designs and manufactures the plant using steam turbines, ORC or combined cycle.
The boilers proposed can be, depending on the type of plant, smoke tubes, water tubes, radiant and convective in thermal oil, etc.
All our power plants are designed, tested, built on the basis of the most recent regulations and can be certified according to PED, ASME, or other regulations depending on the country of installation.

Biomass used

Energia Impianti is able to burn an extremely heterogeneous variety of biomass, including waste. Here are some examples:
  • Wood matrix materials (wood chips, pellets, etc)
  • Forestry and agricultural processing waste or urban green cleaning (branches, pruning, corn stalks, etc.)
  • Waste from the agri-food industry
  • Wood industry processing waste (such as treated woods, powders, etc.)
  • Waste from treated wood, from the construction market and from separate waste collection
  • Litter and farm animal dejections (egg-laying and broiler poultry, etc.)
  • Energy crops (miscanthus, arundo, poplar, etc.)
  • Other
Discover the quantity of biomass you need for your project
Chicken Litter
Chicken Manure
Olive pomace
Recycled waste wood
Urban green prunings
Wood chips
Sawdust / Wood dust
Thistle seeds
Olive pits
Corn cobs

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