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The Company supplies technology in a wide range of Energy applications. Internal knowledge includes designining, manufactoring, installation of equipment, from single components to turn-key power plants. Hot water – Steam – Thermal oil are secondary fluids in our heat recovery or combustion plants. Our systems are usually used for thermal or electrical or CHP applications. Take a look on our reference list and visit the sections here below. Our Fast Feedback online service could give you a prompt reply on your questions about our solutions.

Heat recovery

Waste Heat Recovery Solutions in industry (cement, glass, metallurgical, turbogas, etc) for thermal -electrical - Cogenerative Power Production. Power Plants using Steam or ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbines.

Biomass Combustion

Biomass Combustion Power Solutions based on moving grate technology. Secondary fluids: warm/hot Water, saturated/superheted Steam, Thermal Oil, Hot Gases. Thermal -electrical - Cogenerative Power Production.

Combustion of other fuels

Solutions for waste-to-energy or industrial waste processing for thermal – electrical – Cogenerative Power Production. Plants for the combustion of fossil fuels (diesel, methane, LPG, heavy oil).


Design and production of pressure parts and plant accessories, for example Deaerators, Expansion Vessels, Storage Tanks, Thermal Oil Heat Dissipators, Heat Exchangers, Indirect Steam Generators, flue gases line components.


SNCR non-catalytic reduction systems for the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Application in industrial plants and for biomass or conventional fuels combustion.

Revamping of existing plants

Revamping activities of combustion plants (biomass / other fuels) or industrial heat recovery plants. Modification of plants and optimization to improve energy efficiency.


From standard to custom components/projects design. From preliminary documentation to construction drawings. Revenues analysis of power plants

Fast Feedback

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Why Energia Impianti?

Energia Impianti is a company formed by engineers working in the energy sector for about 25 years. The experiences gained allows the company to offer itself with security and professionalism in the energy sector of production and use, of the boiler for the generation of hot fluids and in particular of the thermal recovery on water and aeriforms, both fumes and air, in the production of energy, both thermal and electrical, and in the management of plants with particular attention to the distribution of fluids and thermodynamic exchange, with applications in the repair and modification of steam or heat generators. The presence in Energia Impianti of adequate operational resources, direct and indirect, allows it to propose plants of different nature, from the simplest to the most complex, with the necessary guarantee of design, construction and management of delivered plants.

Energia Impianti S.r.l.

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